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Bug#921198: mipsel speed: UTM8 vs Loongson 3A (was: Bug#921198: hard to track down)

On 2019-02-03 Willi Mann <willi@debian.org> wrote:
> just for the record, I tried to reproduce the build failure on eller
> (mipsel porterbox), but it builds fine there. I'm wondering whether the
> timeout set on line 232 of tests/srp.c (40 seconds) is too short for
> slower build hosts.


The two builds on mipsel-aql-01.debian and mipsel-aql-02.debian.org
(both Processor: LS3A-RS780-1w (Quad Core Loongson 3A))failed, the third
try on mipsel-sil-01.debian.org (Processor: Rhino Labs UTM8) succeeded.

Eller also has the same hardware (Processor: Rhino Labs UTM8) as the
succeeding build-machine and gnutls builds reliably there. The failing
test (srp) takes 22 seconds there.

Is the Loongson that much slower?

cu Andreas
(x-debbugs-cc-ing both Willi and porter mailing list)
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