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Re: OpenVPN static binary


On 05/03/18 17:36, Francesco Talarico wrote:
> Hello James.
> I need to run OpenVPN on an embedded device running OpenWRT.
> But I need to cross-compile OpenVPN with a specific .configure switch
> ("--enable-pkcs11").
> Doing it from the OpenWRT SDK doesn't work for missing pkcs11-helper
> dependency.
> So my last resort is to bundle all necessary includes!
> Hope you can help me with this puzzle.

In theory it is probably possible to use Debian to build this, however I
think it would be much better if you used OpenWRT/LEDE's build system
and packages. I can't seem to find it in their git repos so you might
need to persuade them to add the library and build openvpn with it.


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