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Re: Help: build failure due to relocation truncated to fit: R_MIPS_GOT16 and others

Thank you James!

On Sunday, November 20, 2016 7:05:28 PM CST James Cowgill wrote:

> These relocation errors mean you have too many symbols in the GOT in
> your executable. MIPS usually uses a single instruction to access the
> GOT, but that only works for small GOTs. If your GOT is too large, it's
> still possible to make it work using -mxgot, but it takes 3 instructions
> to load a 32-bit address, add to the gp register, and do the final load.
> Since you don't know how the linker will allocate the GOT, you have to
> use -mxgot on all C/C++ files. The penalty occurs when you access any
> non-static global functions/variables.

OK, great!  So just to be certain: it is sufficient to use -mxgot on the project 
being compiled?  I don't have to worry about the various libraries pulled in?

> Your options are: reduce the number of symbols which span across
> translation unit boundaries (thus reducing the size of the GOT), or
> compile with -mxgot on MIPS with a slight speed penalty.

In this case: it is a test suite, so I expect the speed penalty is acceptable.


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