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Re: mips64el in installation manual


On 31/10/16 14:34, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> For the coming d-i alpha release, I have added the mips64el architecture
> to the installation manual. I have basically copied mipsel bits, since
> AIUI mips64el is merely the 64bit version of mipsel. It would be worth
> proofreading it. Basically it boils down to:
> svn co svn://svn.debian.org/svn/d-i/trunk/manual
> cd manual
> dpkg-checkbuilddeps
> cd build
> ./buildone mips64el en pdf
> and look at build.out/install.en.pdf
> There is notably the Section 2.1.2. CPU, Main Boards, and Video Support
> which I merely copied from mipsel.  I guessed the comment about Malta
> was the same for mips64el.
> You can also run
> grep -r mips64el en/
> to see the sections which I have enabled.

Thanks! I had a brief look. I think sections 2.1 (supported hardware)
and 5.1 (booting the installer) need to be overhauled on on all 3 mips
arches. I've added it to the list of issues on the MIPSPort wiki page.

Also currently the architecture is described as "64-bit Mipsel", but I
think "64-bit MIPS (little endian)" or something similar would be
better. "Mipsel" is just an internal name used to refer to little endian
mips. The other 2 mips arches could also be renamed to "32-bit MIPS
(big/little endian)".


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