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Re: SGI O2 Jessie kernel issue

Stefan Monnier wrote:
I own a SGI O2 which is running as a shell-, mail- and webserver since
2006.  The machine has 1 GB of RAM and two 72 GB hard disks configured as
RAID-1 (md). CPU is R5000SC @ 180Mhz.

Hmm... I love using my old Thinkpad X30 to give presentations, but
I can't help thinking that a cubieboard/<fruit>Pi would be a great
replacement for that machine:
- much smaller
- no noise
- presumably faster processor
Admittedly, on the RAM side you might end up with the same 1GB, and it
won't heat up your home nearly as well.

I guess the problem is the RAID part (those little boards have at best
a single sata port, so if you want RAID you'd either need a port
multiplier, or you'd have to connect at least one of your drives via USB
or SD).  This said, some have two µSD slots, so you could use two 64GB
µSD cards in RAID.

There again, that doesn't exactly answer the question as asked :-)

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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