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RE: Bug#798710: jit-playback changes brake package pygccjit build

Please do note that this error is caused by changes that occurred in gcc-5_5.2.1-13.

Building pygccjit with gcc-5_5.2.1-12 or gcc-5_5.1.1-14 or gcc-5_5.1.1-13 version of gcc-5 
binary packages do not cause this issue.
I just have to install some of previously listed version of gcc-5-base and libgccjit0 binary packages to not have this issue.

pygccjit is newer built on mips/mipsel because -fPIC flag is missing on following line:
gcc-5 -shared /tmp/libgccjit-z1jPnd/fake.s -o /tmp/libgccjit-z1jPnd/fake.so -fno-use-linker-plugin

Which is configured in libgccjit and I wasnt able to change this on pygccjit level.
This is done in gcc-5 source in jit-playback.c file.

I will have to file this bug during next week to gcc-5 again, because this again is likely a libgccjit error for mips/mipsel.
Issue that I was able to solve on gcc-5_5.1.1-14 version, and I wanted to send a patch when new issue is introduced to pygccjit by a gcc-5 moving to a 5.2-1-15 version.
So I had to try to figure out first this new regression.

I you try to build pygccjit_0.4-4 now (give-back) you will notice this new issue.

Thank you!


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