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Re: Bug#789612: MIPS O32 default to FPXX

On 07/02/2015 02:11 PM, Matthew Fortune wrote:
> With this change in place then I would hope you can move to binutils 2.25,
> , glibc 2.21 and kernel headers 4.1 if this has not already happened. It is
> important that glibc is rebuilt after all the other changes so that
> all the new forwards compatibility features are in place. Other packages
> can progress more leisurely but the more rebuilds that happen the more
> compatible debian will be with new FPU features in modern MIPS processors. In
> particular this paves the way for MSA SIMD to be usable in debian in the
> future.

binutils-2.25 already is in testing/unstable. you probably want to track
changes/rebuilds for glibc and the kernel headers in separate issues.

will apply the patch for the next gcc-5 upload.

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