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Re: Bug#787258: FTBFS on mipsel: test-suite failures

Martin Pitt [2015-06-01  8:02 +0200]:
> Since this doesn't happen on our mipsel porter box, and I don't have
> any other mipsel hardware to check this on, it seems this needs some
> help from the mipsel buildd maintainers. It would be really helpful if
> our buildd and the porter box were more alike, to be able to reproduce
> such issues?

Today's upload had no test failures:


This was built on mipsel-aql-01. Looking into the history on


it seems that mipsel-aql-01 never failed, while mipsel-manda-01
recently always failed, and eberlin is somewhat random. I guess one
shouldn't read too much into that short history, presumably they are
all a bit flaky. But do you know anything fundamental (kernel version
etc.) where the porter box (eder) is different from these buildds?


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