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Re: mips installation doesnt boot (ext2fs errors)

On Sun, 2015-02-01 at 13:18 +0100, Michael Zirbes wrote:
> Hello.
> Today i installed debian on my o2.
> After installing it wont boot (I set the correct env for
> SystemPartition, OSLoadPartition, and so on).
> I uploaded a pic with the error messages, its something with ext2fs bad
> magic number.
> I recently added the [xfs] part at the end because of a posting in a
> gentoo forum, it doesnt work...
> http://abload.de/img/mipsdebianosuru.jpg
> How can i fix it?

I don't know much about these systems but my guess is that you're trying
to boot from an XFS partition, but the bootloader only supports booting
from ext2 partitions.

Have you tried creating and booting off a separate ext2 /boot partition?


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