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ruby1.8-based DSA puppetd cron job segfaults on ball.d.o (SWARM mips buildd)

Hi MIPS porters,

puppetd (ruby1.8) has recently (since 2014-11-30) been segfaulting on
ball.d.o[1] (SWARM mips buildd). We don't appear to get segfaults on any
other mips machines so this might be hardware-specific. The crash
doesn't happen every time ruby runs either. I've included two sample
backtraces in the attached file. As you can see the backtraces are
different each time. For now I've switched ball to using ruby1.9.1,
which doesn't appear to have the problem.

Do you think this issue will be possible to fix?

     1. https://db.debian.org/machines.cgi?host=ball 



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