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Re: Bug#771148: (pre-upload) unblock: pypy/2.4.0+dfsg-2

Hi Dejan (2014.12.05_16:39:01_+0200)
> I have tried to build pypy on a few different boards.
> On boradcom (mipsel) and cavium (mipsel),
> pypy was built successfully.
> On cavium (mips), build is still in progress.
> But it seems that it will pass as well.
> On lemote-3a-itx-a1101 (mipsel),
> build was successfully finished.

Thanks for the testing. It sounds like we should continue retrying this.

> I had noticed that on mipsel-manda-02.debian.org
> it was used parallel=5
> > DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=5.
> I am not sure if this is related with
> build failure but I will try it on lemote 3A again,
> with this option.

The failure was during translation, which is not parallel. The only part
of the pypy build that parallelises is the compilation, which I've never
known to cause trouble.


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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