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arm64, ppc64el, mips64el: please provide ready-to-use VM images

[I am not subscribed to any of these lists; please Cc: me on replies]

As main maintainer of ruby-ffi, I have been receiving patches to add
support for the new Debian architectures, testing them myself on the
porter boxes, applying them and forwarding them upstream.

However, upstream developers want to be able to actually test the
patches themselves before claiming support for new architectures, as
well as being able to test new development against those new
architectures; and I totally understand that.

As far as I understand all of the new architectures are already
supported by QEMU system emulation, so it would be really nice if the
porter teams could provide ready to use images we can point our
upstreams to, together with instructions on how to boot them (given that
some architectures require specific QEMU arguments etc).

Probably this could augment what Aurelien provides at


Would that be possible?

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

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