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vtk5 uninstallable on mips

Just mailing to bring this to the attention of people who might know
what to do about it:

Something has gone wrong with the vtk5 build on mips such that
libvtk5.8 and libvtk5-dev are not co-installable due to depending on
conflicting versions of mpich libraries.

This is not the case for other architectures.

I'm not sure who out of mips porters, vtk5 maintainers or mpich
maintainers can fix this, and just telling -release so they know
what's up.

Obviously this is blocking anything that build-deps on vtk5 from
getting into testing.

I started a build of vtk5 on gabrielli porterbox unstable chroot to
see if the problem was transient and just needed a binnmu, but that
was 18 hours ago and it's saying 48% at the moment, so I guess it's
going to take a while...

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