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possible gsoc multiarch cross build cooperation

Hello mips people!

On the Debian GSoC 2013 project page [1] it says, that the debian-mips list is
the way to contact the mentor for the "MIPS N32/N64 ABI port", so here I am :)

In the project description and the student's proposal multiarch crossbuilding
is mentioned as the way to achieve this port. Multiarch cross compilers are
still not available in Debian proper so part of the work done during the
"Bootstrappable Debian" GSoC this year also has multiarch cross compilers as a

The "Bootstrappable Debian" GSoC project will attempt a bootstrap of the armel
architecture from zero to develop tools that are necessary to bootstrap all of
Debian automatically. Since armel already exists, this of course does away with
all the problems that come with source packages not yet being adapted for
compiling on a new architecture and allows to focus on topics like
automatically breaking dependency cycles.

But before native compilation can start, our student has to demonstrate that he
can automatically cross build a minimal base system including all essential:yes
packages, build-essential and apt (at least). So part of what he does is to do
implementation and create patches to make this cross compilation work. This not
only includes the multiarch cross compiler part but also adding enough
multiarch information to packages so that multiarch cross build dependencies
can be resolved for a sufficient amount of packages.

So as mentors of the "Bootstrappable Debian" project, wookey and myself
wondered whether there is a certain overlap between our two projects. Maybe we
can coordinate to at least assure that work is not done twice. Or maybe there
are other ways to directly profit from each others work during this summer?

Discussion for the "Bootstrappable Debian" project happens in the
#debian-bootstrap IRC channel on irc.debian.org. So feel free to drop by there!

cheers, josch

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2013/Projects#MIPS_N32.2FN64_ABI_port

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