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Possible GSoC idea: MIPS N32 ABI Port

This was a project in GSoC 2009, however the project wasn't completed
due to various reasons. I'm raising it here again because there are
interests of doing it around us again.

Original description from the GSoC2009 project:
This project first focuses on creating a new MIPS N32 ABI port for
Debian. Different from O32 and N64, N32 is an address model which has
most 64-bit capabilities but using 32-bit data structures to save
space and process time. A second focus will be given on making such a
“mipsn32el” arch fully optimized for the Loongson 2F CPU which gains
more and more popularity in subnotebooks/netbooks in many countries.

Multiarch support is almost landed in Debian, and Multiarch cross
build is on its way, so we are in a position to make use of such
technology during bootstrap (still not working that well, though) and
daily use. A user can run an n64 kernel + mixed n32/n64 userland, so
that he/she can take advantage of the performance and large memory as
needed (like i386/amd64 in some degree).

Aron Xu

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