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I'm looking for a job


Your email was taken from classiccmp/cctalk mailing list.
(So it's kind of SPAM).
I'm writing you because I'm looking for job and you'll see now why I do it in that way.
I'm good on reverse engineering of ancient software like those for MS-DOS, ancient Unices and/or for exotic platforms.
I'm big fan of old "big iron" so I would like to reverse engineer something compiled for it and/or port it to newer OS/language/platform.
I can also try to reveal unknown protocol between computer and some old piece of hardware, and I already did some job like that for security dongles:
I also have some experience with FPGAs and here is one of my projects connected to Internet on 24/7 basis:
So I'm looking for relatively small tasks I can do remotely (I live in Ukraine, Eastern Europe) as a freelancer.
Not an easy sort of job(s) to find, so that's why I decided to "cold email" cctalk members - I hope someone may need my talent.

Sorry if it was offensive!
And thanks in advance for your attention.

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