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Re: What is the status of Debian on Lemote Fuloong?

On Thu, Jul 05, 2012 at 03:02:49PM +0100, Michael Stevens wrote:

> I don't know the official status but I'm running Debian testing on my
> fuloong. Most things seem to work, i was able to do a USB install. I
> didn't find any good instructions for the install and I was unable to
> get grub to work, so I'm currently putting up with very slow pmon boots.

I would be interested in keeping PMON and not using Grub since it boots
OpenBSD fine and I don't try to fix what ain't broke! I wonder if I have a
more recent PMON version than you are running. I have no complaints with
PMON. I actually kind of like it so far.

> At least when I tried, the debian-installer build doesn't have a driver
> for the network chip in the fuloong, you have to find a regular kernel,
> pull out the module, and pack it into debian installer. I've reported a
> bug but there doesn't seem to be any action.

Are you saying you need the network driver because you're doing a net
install? That would be an annoying issue to deal with. I am hoping somebody
can point me to a USB install with everything I need for the base system on
it, and then presumably with the recent kernel I am hoping the installer
installs, I can build whatever apps I need after that. Thanks for your

Is there any distro with a recent kernel that is easier to install? Linux
support for MIPS looks fairly slim at this point and it is a shame because
it looks like quite a lot of work is going into the kernel and userland.

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