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debian-live not supporting mipsel?

I've installed live-build package on my lemote-2f mini-pc, and as the
package is a mipsel one, I was expecting to be able to produce a live
usb image.  However on the very first instruction:

% lb config -b hdd
[2012-05-01 14:58:33] lb_config -b hdd
P: Considering defaults defined in /etc/live/build.conf
E: Architecture(s) mipsel not yet supported (FIXME)

As you see there's an error indicating that mipsel is not supported
yet.  I'd guess one could create a live usb image for other
architectures on a mipsel box, but not a mipsel one, :-)

Is this just something that can be worked around, or definitely
there's no way to create a live image for mipsel?



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