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Re: llvm-3.0: FTBFS under MIPS & MIPSEL

Hello Andreas,

Le samedi 28 janvier 2012 à 11:33 +0100, Andreas Barth a écrit :
> * Sylvestre Ledru (sylvestre@debian.org) [120128 10:20]:
> > The full mipsel build log is available here:
> > https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=llvm-3.0&arch=mipsel&ver=3.0-5&stamp=1324350511
> > [1]
> > Note that I haven't been able to reproduce the bug with the two
> > porterboxes (gabrielli & eder).
> On mipsel it was tried on eysler, which is the same hardware as eder.
> Can you spot any differences in the log prior to the failure (e.g.
> differences in detecting cpu types, different package versions in the
> build dependencies)?
I am not aware of such changes. Maybe a rebuild of the package could
work. Could some give it a try and launch a rebuild ?


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