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squeeze mipsel initrd.gz cannot find my disks...


I have a mipsel system (Cavium OCTEON) running kernel version, and I am trying to install squeeze on it.

To do this, I have extracted the squeeze/main/installer-mipsel/sb1-bcm91250a/netboot/initrd.gz image onto a Compact Flash device. The kernel is then booted using the CF as a root filesystem. All this seems to work fine as the installer starts to run on my console and can find the network and configure it using DHCP

However when I get to the part where it tries to find disks I get:

         ┌────────────────────┤ [!] Detect disks ├────────────────────┐
         │                                                            │
         │                   No partitionable media                   │
         │ No partitionable media were found.                         │
         │                                                            │
         │ Please check that a hard disk is attached to this machine. │
         │                                                            │
         │     <Go Back>                               <Continue>     │
         │                                                            │

From a different shell, I can see that /proc/partitions contains all my disks (both the CF being used as '/' and an 82GB SATA device) and they are in /sys as well. But the udev doesn't seem to be populating /dev/with them.

Any pointers as to how to get it to see the disks? I think I am almost there.

Thanks in advance,
David Daney

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