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Bug#639703: RM: libreoffice [mipsel] -- ROM; Java problems

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: normal


please remove libreoffice for mipsel from the archive. Whereas
mips got fixed by using OpenJDK, mipsel still fails and there's
no hope of getting it to work quite fast using either gcj/OpenJDK.

Building without-java might be an option and I am working on that,
but due some weird makefile bug I am unsable to figure out this doen't
work for 3.3.4 (but I can do that for 3.4.x, where this doesn't happen

Will probably enable a without-java build for 3.4.x (which will go to sid
asap after 3.3.4 is in testing) i- worked on my amd64 forced to ENABLE_JAVA=n -
but for now and to make 3.3.4-in-testing happen, please remove libreoffice
for mipsel for now.



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