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Re: unsupporting Architecture: mips

Le jeudi 04 août 2011 10:25:34, Aurelien Jarno a écrit :
> Both build failures in experimental are due to the switch to gcj-4.6 as
> a bootstrapping compiler. They build fine when using gcj-4.4, and it
> seems it's what has to be done so that mips doesn't block anything. I am
> working to find the issue in gcj-4.6, but it will take more time.

Last build on buildd network (for mips and mipsel) still fails with GCJ-4.4 :

mips :

mipsel :

I'm trying to reproduce this failure on gabrielli (mips porterbox) but, for 
now, gabrielli seems to build this package without problems :/ 


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