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Re: Bind9

On Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 10:15:27AM -0500, Tony Chesser wrote:
> Has anyone managed to get BIND9 to work with Cobalt?

Chances are this isn't a MIPS-specific problem, so you might get
better results asking on debian-user instead.

> We usually have < 100 ms ping times to the next gateway (cellular
> data) and we can flirt with a megabit on speed (so the connections
> shouldn't be timing out)

What about packet loss between your Cobalt and the Internet? Even
small amounts can be crippling to DNS queries, which do lookups via
UDP datagrams and therefore can't distinguish between a lost packet
and an unresponsive name server.

> I get a very large number of SERVFAIL results. I can, sometimes,
> resolve something involving google.com or yahoo.com, but
> slashdot.org or just about anything else gets a SERVFAIL.

I recommend looking at named's logs first--it may already be trying
to tell you what's wrong.
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