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Fwd: failed mips build of ceph 0.27-1.1


Did you see this ICE already? Anyone into reporting it properly upstream?

Thanks already!



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: failed mips build of ceph 0.27-1.1
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2011 16:45:08 +0000
From: Debian buildds <noreply@buildd.debian.org>
To: ceph@packages.qa.debian.org

 * Source package: ceph
 * Version: 0.27-1.1
 * Architecture: mips
 * State: failed
 * Suite: sid
 * Builder: lucatelli.debian.org
 * Build log:

Please note that these notifications do not necessarily mean bug reports
in your package but could also be caused by other packages, temporary
uninstallabilities and arch-specific breakages.  A look at the build log
despite this disclaimer would be appreciated however.

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