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RE: low vision

Crap – thanks!


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From: Harold Blethen [mailto:harold@lindavevision.com]
Sent: Saturday, March 05, 2011 2:20 PM
To: debian-ports
Subject: low vision







I have macular degeneration and am legally blind.  The challenges of the Visually Impaired is hard enough to cope with, but high prices of any products or aid make one problem even more overwhelming.    We have published a web-site opening an internet store http://www.lindavevision.com.


Please take a look at our web-site http://www. lindavevision.com we have not re-invented the wheel, but have shopped around to present affordable reading products and aids to help the visually impaired.  These products and combination reading devices have helped many to read again.  Should it be a financial burden for some of your patients to afford our products, we work with town’s local service clubs to help with the purchase.


Our goal is to promote the spirit of hope to the individual and assist until breakthrough cures comes along.  Take a look at us, hopefully together we can help the visually impaired, passing along our information will let you patients become aware that helpful products are available. Thank you.


Best regards,



Harold Blethen




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