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creating gparted like usb-live stick for lemote mini-pc


I have installed on lemote mini-pcs debian, so that I can select the
partitioning scheme I like, and I install just the SW I want.  But in
order to do it, I had to use gnew-sense installer, since I couldn't
make any debian one work on the mini-pcs...

Given some problems I found with the NIC and the USB controller, I'm
wondering if I should stick to the lemote squeeze version of debian.
Before jumping into that, to load a live usb session, whether to
install or whatever else, this mini-pcs use something similar to malta
apparently, just a kernel and an initrd which loads the live session,
nothing else...

So I'm notsure how to create such initrd.  I sure can copy the
experimental kernel into a usb stick, I'm just missing how to generate
the initrd.  I've read about debian-live (ive-build, live-config,
etc), but it doesn't seem to provide what I'm looking for, which is
kind of gparted live usb stick...

Well, the reason why I'm looking for this is that I'd like to try
installing for now the lemote debian distro (not official debian), and
see if ome problems I'm facing with official debian go away).  But I
really will have to create new partitions, resize some, and the like,
since I don't like the partitioning scheme lemote debian install
provides (it doesn't allow to choose anything BTW, one just sits and
waits until everything the initrd decides to do is complete), well,
with a bit of luck I'll get able to also change the default locale,
since I don't understand a bit of chinese, :-)

Perhaps someone has gone this way, and can illustrate his way, :-)



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