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Re: large disks in Cobalt Qube 2


I have a Qube 2 waiting for such a project as well. A while back I
remember seeing someone who squeezed two desktop-size PATA drives, a
hardware raid card and a laptop-size drive all inside the Qube. I like
the idea of the CF card as it would require less power. Just remember
to try to limit the amount of writes on the CF card (turning off swap,
writing log files to a different location, etc...).
That's what I was thinking as well, so the CF card contains the boot partition only, which only gets updated upon a kernel upgrade (I think :) )
I have also seen a project, fitting two 3,5" drives inside a Qube 2, but the space of the PCI slot got occupied by the second drive. The CF requires a lot less space and power than a second _real_ drive. It also generates lesser heat (none actually), so the system remains rather cool :)
I've put a 160GB 2"1/2 PATA on my qube2 with a 3"1/2 to 2"1/2 adapter.
Works fine since months on lenny ... but i can't get more than 2.1Mb/s over ethernet.



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