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Re: large disks in Cobalt Qube 2

I have a Qube 2 waiting for such a project as well. A while back I
remember seeing someone who squeezed two desktop-size PATA drives, a
hardware raid card and a laptop-size drive all inside the Qube. I like
the idea of the CF card as it would require less power. Just remember
to try to limit the amount of writes on the CF card (turning off swap,
writing log files to a different location, etc...).


On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 6:53 AM, kennywest
<kenneth.westelinck@telenet.be> wrote:
> Dear list,
> I've been searching the Internet to see if I could put a large PATA disk
> inside the Qube 2. Fortunately, the Qube 2 was based on MIPS architecture,
> whereas the Qube 3 is based on more or less standard i386 architecture.
> According to what I read on the Internet, the Qube 2 is equipped with an
> LBA48 controller, so theoretically I could put any _very large_ disk in it.
> Apparently, this seems to be the case, but the Qube 2 refuses to boot from
> it (probably firmware related I guess). As a workaround I've put an IDE to
> Compact Flash adapter inside the Qube 2 to act as Master disk. My larger 320
> GB disk acts as a slave. I've created an ext2r0 "/boot" partition of 100 MB
> on the CF and the rest of the file system is mounted from the larger drive.
> This setup seems to work great.
> If anyone is interested, I will be posting a full report with pictures of
> this adventurous project on http://kennywest.blogspot.com/ this weekend
> somewhere.
> Thank you Debian for supporting the MIPS architecture. I now have a nice
> looking LAN disk :)
> regards,
> Kenneth
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