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Re: Weird process hangs on r5k-ip22

On Fri, Jan 01, 2010 at 00:47 +1100, Tom McAvaney wrote:
> >On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 22:25 +0200, Siggy Brentrup wrote:

> >More disappointing: recompiling w/o -fPIC didn't help; ssh and friends
> >still segfault early w/o any useful info from gdb.

> Sorry for late reply.

In the end it's good you replied only now since I was w/o regular
internet access during the last months.

> Maybe there's a problem somewhere running a R4x00 kernel on a R5000?

This was what I suspected in the first place but Martin insisted on
r4k-ip22 kernels running on r5k machines; it looks like you proved
him wrong :-\  I didn't have the resources to build a r5k-ip22 kernel

Thanks for following up

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