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Re: gnat-4.4 is blocking most big transitions atm

On 2009-11-28, Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> wrote:
> Andreas Marschke wrote:
>> On Saturday 28 November 2009 09:46:51 Luk Claes wrote:
>>> gnat-4.4 FTBFS on mipsel which is blocking gcc-defaults from migrating
>>> to testing which is blocking at least the poppler and gnome related
>>> transitions. xulrunner was reuploaded again and needs to be built
>>> everywhere first before we can reconsider forcing it in.
>>> cmake and xulrunner had some strange build failure when generating the
>>> debs, it would be good if someone can reproduce (or not ;-)) any of this
>>> build failures (gnat-4.4, cmake, xulrunner) while the mipsel buildds are
>>> catching up.
>> It would probably be nice if you could tell what build failures those are in 
>> case somebody know what they are and how to fix them. 
>> Would be nice if you could attach them here.
> The build failure for gnat-4.4 is filed as an RC bug (#558146), the ones
> of cmake and xulrunner could be temporary (happened on the buildds
> without a log unfortunately), trying to reproduce them should shed more
> light on them.

cmake is currently building on my ancient mipsel box.


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