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Re: change LED behavior on Qube2

* Sameer Verma <sverma@sfsu.edu> [2009-09-14 11:51]:
> I noticed that on Lenny for Qube2, the green LED flickers with disk
> activity, but stays 'off' otherwise. Can this be changed to a constant
> 'on' like before? I kinda like my office to be bathed in the eerie
> green glow at night :-)

I don't have a Qube2 so I cannot test it, but the following should

modprobe ledtrig-default-on

# 2.6.31 and lower
echo default-on > /sys/devices/platform/cobalt-qube-leds/leds/qube-front/trigger

# 2.6.32 and higher
echo default-on > /sys/devices/platform/cobalt-qube-leds/leds/qube::front/trigger

Martin Michlmayr

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