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Re: mips* port plans for the squeeze cycle

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 08:20:02AM -1000, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Marc Brockschmidt <marc@marcbrockschmidt.de> [2009-08-16 14:40]:
> > Do you have any big changes planned? How much time would they take, and
> > what consequences are there for the rest of the project?
> > 
> > How many "big" transitions will the upcoming changes cause? When should those
> > happen? Can we do something to make them easier?
> Do we have anything to say here?  I don't think there are any major
> plans with regards to MIPS, are there?

* Switch the default ABI to mips2 instead of the current mips1 ABI. The 
  mips1 ABI corresponds to R3000 CPUs that we don't support anymore for
  a lot of time. This lead us to writing ugly patches using ".set mips
  2" when using ll/sc instructions for atomic code in some packages.

This should only be only change in GCC that I plan to do unless someone
else volunteer.

* binutils currently has bugs and generate broken -fPIE binaries.
  While this is currently workarounded in a lot of package by not using
  -fPIE on mips(el), it is something that should be solved for the

  I have already started working on that, but help is welcome.

* Kernel and d-i support for these new mips-based laptop.

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