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Re: MIPS kernel snapshots - 2.6.29-rc5

Julien BLACHE <jblache@debian.org> wrote:

Note about the r4k-ip22 config: please build the DS1286 driver in the
kernel, that is


Thanks ;)

> Boots and works fine on my r4k-ip22.

I guess there just had to be a "but" ...

[17179686.700000] tty_release_dev: tty1: read/write wait queue active!

The dmesg fills up with that message, and

root      1224 95.8  0.0      0     0 tty1     Rs+  16:42   3:12 [getty]

That machine is headless, serial console is on ttyS0. The getty
process is unkillable, so there is something fishy going on. I hope
that's a generic -rc5 bug :/


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