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CodeCamp OLPC France, 15th Nov. 2008, Paris


The grassroot organization OLPC France ( http://olpc-france.org ) will organize
on 15th Nov. 2008 a CodeCamp with the partenarship of LaCantine (
http://lacantine.org ).

For the Debian-mips developers, we will show on our workshops different MIPS
hardware, especially from www.lemote.com the last Fuloong mini and, possibly,
the new Yeeloong netbook. I think, you might be interested in playing around
with those platforms ;-)

We like to show possible interactions between the mips-debian project and le
OLPC project. Feel free to participe and to share your reflexions with us!

We are planning 5 workshops:

    * Sugar: to realize activities and Sugar extensions in python,
    * Developers: to dvelop new applications for the XO in Mono/.NET,
    * School Server: configure of a school server with its services (jabber,
backup, rsync, ...) on different platforms (standard PC, Bubba from
www.excito.com, CherryPal from www.cherrypal.com (to be confirmed), mips-based
fuloong mini from www.lemote.com, ...),
    * Translation: translation from English to French of Sugar, its activities
and of the FLOSS manuals,
    * Usage: presentation of the deployments in Haïti, Ethiopia and Palestina.
Experience sharing on the educative use of the platform and reflexions on the

Special guests :

    * Daniel Drake - OLPC fondation, Sugar expert, déployment in Ethiopia,
    * Bastien Guerry - OLPC Fondation, deployment in Haïti and Palestina,
    * Torello Querci - OLPC Italy, Mono Commiter (to be confirmed).

Informations here:
http://olpc-france.org/wiki/index.php?title=CodeCamp_OLPC_Fr(...) Inscriptions
to codecamp2008 at olpc-france.org.

Samy Boutayeb
OLPC France

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