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Re: Boot Qube1 or 2 from a CompactFlash Card?

On Oct 30, 4:40 am, "Chris Thomas" <sruch...@gmail.com> wrote:
> What OS are you using on your CF card? Debian? DebianLive? How are you
> minimizing writes? I'm interested in using a CF card in my Qube.
> -Chris

I've used NetBSD and Debian Etch .. I thought DebianLive was limited
to x86, PPC and Sparc ?

I'm not doing anything really to minimize writes apart from turning
off swap (got 256Mb in the Qube2), I'm just trying to source a simple
PCI SATA adapter that doesn;t have "RAID" and I'll install a big arse
disk inside the Qube .. then I'll move write intensive stuff to that.

My adapter is similar to this one:



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