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Re: fulong/loongson kernel?

Giuseppe Sacco wrote:

> Hi,
> I am willing to test a Debian installation on the fulong, but I am
> unsure about its support. Browsing all linux-image-* packages I couldn't
> find any specific for loogson2e. Hence my question: is it supported at
> all by Debian testing/lenny?
the 2.6.26's patch for loongson2f is here:
if we can have this patch in debian's kernel, we can run debian on lemote's machine directly, without any modification.  
but ICT(who is the designer of loongson) has patch for binutils, which can be found here:
http://linuxfire.com.cn/~freeflying/200_loongson2f.dpatch which is based on 2.18.50
and the gcc's patch has been merged into gcc-4.4 already.
actually I'm using debian lenny/sid on a lot of loongson2f based machines now.
And also there has another netbook  based on loongson2f, which will be selled firstly in france, details can be found here:
> Thanks,
> Giuseppe

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