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Re: New installer

* wr35nn89 <wr35nn89@free.fr> [2008-09-07 15:06]:
> {dhcp-root-path} {dhcp-boot-file}
> nfs: mounted "/nfsroot"
> nfs: lookup "default.colo"
> nfs: mode <0100644>
> 1KB loaded
> 00000316 790t
> no response

This means that you were able to load CoLo via the network but then
CoLo fails to download further files via the network.  I don't have
access to my Cobalt right now, so I cannot test whether CoLo works,
but otoh it hasn't changed in months, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't

Gordon or Thomas, can you try on your Cobalt?
Martin Michlmayr

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