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Re: bootable image for siemens rm 400e

Florian Lohoff schrieb:
On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 08:00:17PM +0200, Ullrich Buss wrote:

I have read that a bootable image for the mips siemens rm400e in bigendian mode needs a whole special partition on the cd.

How can I burn this image?

I have read a lot about this issue, but I have really no idea how to do it in "reality".

I havent actually tried CD-Roms but the above is true for disk booting.
Although the prom loads sash from an SGI Disklabel the SINIX Kernel does
not know about the SGI Disklabel but rather expectes another disklabel
at the end of the disk (very strange position like last cyclinder -
first track - last sector or something) - This is also true when the
bootloader opens a partition via the prom calls to load a kernel from an
ext2. So for SNI machines one would need to extend the SGI Disklabel
code in fdisk/sfdisk/parted.


I have tried to set up a tftp server and a boottp server too.

I used this manual:

But the problem is, that I don't have the mac address of the mips-siemens machines.

It is like a circle of the devil. Without debian or another operating system no request for the mac-address on the server and without boottp server no debian :(


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