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Compile problem

Hi Chaps,

I'm having problems when compiling some things in etch on a cobalt qube, and I just wondered if any of you could help.

The problem is that when compiling anything relatively large the machine will hang. There's possibly two separate problems here, the hangs whilst compiling, and a problem with the compiled programs.

I've been trying to compile are mysql5.1, which compiles and all is well, but the machine will crash at random places during the build, bringing the machine back up and continuing from where it left off it eventually completes.

The other is the release of postgresql 8.3.3, which will compile with the same random crashes as above, however once compiled it doesn't work, with most operations resulting in a "bus error".

After going through this with the folks on the postgres list the conclusion was that the problem was a linker or assembler problem triggered by the use of SUBSYS.o.  They removed the use of SUBSYS.o in the CVS head and I compiled from CVS, the same random crashes occoured during the compile *however* the "bus error" was gone and postgres works fine.

Are you aware of any of these issues? Since the problem with postgres not working was in as or ld, is there any way of getting a more up to date binutils package?


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