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Re: Kernel unaligned instruction access

>>>>> "TF" == The Fungi <fungi@yuggoth.org> writes:

TF> I'm running Martin's linux-image-2.6.26-rc9-r4k-ip22 version
TF> 2.6.26~rc9-1~experimental.1 on my Indy, and am seeing "subprocess
TF> dpkg-split killed by signal (Segmentation fault)" at random points
TF> during package upgrades, resulting in the following on the console
TF> (all with the same timestamp, omitted for brevity). Does this look
TF> like a kernel problem, or just good old-fashioned hardware failure?

TF> epc   : 6775696c65332c20 0x6775696c65332c20     Not tainted
TF> ra    : 6775696c65332c20 0x6775696c65332c20
            g u i l e 3 . 

TF> Stack : 6c69626775696c65 342c206c69626775 696c65360a446570 656e64733a206c69
            l i b g u i l e  4 .   l i b g u  i l e 6 \nD e p  e n d s :   l i

This dump is full of ASCII strings, so it really looks like some kind
of heavy memory corruption...

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