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Re: booting on mips

On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 12:03:26PM +0300, Daniel Baluta wrote:
> Hello ,
> Can you explain how booting is done on mips?
> On x86 architectures we have a bzImage , this bzImage has a boot
> header denoted by the structure struct boot_params defined in
> /include/asm-x86/bootparam.h. Reading the boot header gives us the
> entry point within bzImage where if we jump the image starts
> decompressing and kernel starts booting.
> Is there any equivalent structure to the struct boot_params from x86,
> how a bzImage  to starts booting?

struct Elf32_Ehdr

Most mips systems boot an ELF or ECOFF image which has informations
about load address via the segments and entry point in the standard

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