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Re: debian on octane2 - howto?

The octane is not yet an officially supported platform for debian, so there are no installer images for it. That said - it can work. :)

The simplest route would be to use the gentoo live CD, or what ever you were using and get to the point where you set up the chroot environment. Instead of dropping down a gentoo tarball, you'll drop down the debain base, and of course use the gentoo kernel instead of debian's. I think you'll also need to use gentoo's arcload instead of debian's arcboot to load your kernel from disk for day to day operations.

If you look back at this month and last month's archives of this list, someone I think posted a link on how to do that as this very question came up. If you can't find that, I know of a link about installing debian to a bootable USB stick that shows the basic technique for dropping down and hand configuring the base which you can modify from there.



On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, mrre@gimme-th.at wrote:

Hi @ all,

yesterday I got my octane2 with R10000-processor. I am just about to
install gentoo on it - it seems to work.

Afterwards I want to install debian (by netinstall).

I haven't found a guideline, how to start. Can anybody please give me some
basic advice?

I think, the octane should get it's files via tftp. But which files? Is
there a netboot image?

Thank you very much in advance!


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