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lenny installer on Indigo2

I have successfully installed etch on my Indigo2 (250 MHz R4400) using
serial and I have been trying to test the lenny installer. When I
download the netboot-boot.img over tftp, I get the following:

tip22: IP22 Linux tftpboot loader 0.3.10
Loading program segment 1 at 0x88004000, size = 0x0 45c086
Zeroing memory at 0x88460086, size = 0x3f40a              
Kernel entry point is 0x8840a000            
Copying initrd from 0x89e3e5d0 to 0x88800000 (0x3e1adb bytes)...
Initrd copied.                                                  
Starting kernel...

It then sits there for as long as I leave it. I installed etch by the
same method, so this should work. Is there anything else I can try?
Thanks very much. 
Nick Schmalenberger

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