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Re: Debian with R10000 Processors

* Jens Seidel <jensseidel@users.sf.net> [2008-03-09 20:18]:
> What would be necessary to add support for Octane?
> Is it sufficient to provide a kernel and maybe a bootloader? The
> problem with Octane is that only a few kernel versions are supported
> by upstream and merging patches to newer kernels is probably not
> easy.
> What else is missing (except testing)?

 - We'd definitely want to have proper Octane support in the mainline
   kernel first.  Maintaining the patches in the Debian kernel tree is
   a major headache.  The good news is that Thomas Bogendoerfer intends
   to work on Octane support in the near future.

 - Once there's support in the mainline kernel, adding an Octane
   kernel image to Debian would be easy.

 - Figure out how to boot.  arcboot probably won't work, but arcload
   is already in the archive.  Test that.

 - Integrate arcload support into debian-installer.  I think it cannot
   generate tftp images yet, so a solution for that is needed.  Also,
   we have to answer the question whether we should move all SGI machines
   over to arcload or whether some stay should with arcboot.

 - Integrate Octane support into debian-installer. (Once the arcload
   issue has been sorted out, the rest should be easy.)

 - Be willing to test and maintain Octane support in Debian.

Martin Michlmayr

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