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Re: O2 crashes on boot


>I believe you have to set console to d1

I've sent it to 'd', but the point is: my R10k does detect that there's
no keyboard nor mouse attached and switches to serial automatically, while
the R5k stays on GFX. Anyway, now it worked and here's the crashdump:

tip32: IP32 Linux tftpboot loader
Loading program segment 1 at 0x0, size = 0xZeroing memory at 0x80004000, size = 0x0
Starting kernel; entry point = 0x80441000
Copied initrd from 0x81b6f8f9 to 0x804c0000 (0x2c6385 bytes)

Exception: <vector=Normal>
Status register: 0x34010082<CU1,CU0,FR,DE,IPL=8,KX,MODE=KERNEL>
Cause register: 0x8024<CE=0,IP8,EXC=BREAK>
Exception PC: 0x8045f240, Exception RA: 0x8044fe64
Breakpoint exception at address 0xffffffff
  Saved user regs in hex (&gpda 0x81060d78, &_regs 0x81060f78):
  arg: 81070000 1 50000 0
  tmp: 81070000 80483bd8 2 787 0 8000 b400 1
  sve: 81070000 409b2dfc 0 4604ae8d 0 40c987e5 0 3f3f7d8e
  t8 81070000 t9 0 at 0 v0 40a3b3a4 v1 0 k1 0
  gp 81070000 fp 0 sp 0 ra 0

PANIC: Unexpected exception

This is with the etch-image which boots fine when using 96 MB RAM, now
the box has:

> hinv
                   System: IP32
                Processor: 180 Mhz R5000, with FPU
     Primary I-cache size: 32 Kbytes
     Primary D-cache size: 32 Kbytes
              Memory size: 416 Mbytes
                 Graphics: CRM, Rev C
                    Audio: A3 version 1
                SCSI Disk: scsi(0)disk(1)
               SCSI CDROM: scsi(0)cdrom(4)

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