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Re: Cobalt Cube 2

On Thursday 06 March 2008, Andy Barnes wrote:
> Hi,
> I have 2 x Cobalt Cube 2 that I no longer need and would very much like to
> dontate them to a Debian MIPS developer. I have only one working PSU
> however. One has 16MB ram the other has 256MB ram. Both have standard
> (10GB?) hard disks.
> Free to a good (Developer) home if your willing to collect or live in the
> UK
> Andy Barnes
> Thanks for all the great work guys.


I am interested, but I am not a Debian DD.  I currently run a stripped down
Debian system on the i396 control boards for my wireless broadband network, 
but the boards stopped being made and I had to move to others.  Microtik make
some nice boards (although they are bad at communicating to Open Source
people) and these boards are now working on OpenWRT after some work to which
I contributed, but I would prefer to use Emdebian, as it is more what I want  
and for some reason even the i386 boards I am currently using run very much 
more slowly under OpenWRT than they do with the stripped down Debian.  

I will of course contribute whatever I do back to Embedian, and I live
in Buckinghamshire.  As I would be using this as a kind of buildd box the
one with the large memory would seem sensible if that is still available.


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