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Re: freegeek and mips

On Mon, 25 Feb 2008, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

* vagrant@freegeek.org <vagrant@freegeek.org> [2008-02-24 16:51]:
we get a few SGI machines in occasionally, as well as other random
stuff. i currently have an SGI O2 (r10k) which seems to have issues with
debian-installer. also have a SGI Octane2. we also get a bunch of SGI
Indigo systems of various models. and i have a cobalt qube2 (without
power supply).

SGI O2 (r10k) isn't supported and neither is the Octane or Octane2.

Basically, Debian works pretty well on:
- SGI O2 with r5k
- SGI Indy or Indigo2 (not Indigo!)
- Cobalt RaQ2 and Qube2

also, i'd like to try and get some of this hardware to developers who
could use it.  if anyone's ever visiting near freegeek and would like
some hardware, i'd be glad to try and arrange it.

Thanks for your offer.  Maybe someone on this list will see it and
contact you.
Martin Michlmayr

You might want to hop lists and let the Gentoo people know about the Octanes as they have expermintal support for that.

The NetBSD folks claim support for O2-R10K. You might contact their sgimips port team.



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