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O2 crashes on boot


I've tried to install debian on my O2 (R5000, 180MHZ, 416 MB RAM), but
it crashes on boot with an "unexpected exception" while still displaying
the tip32 boot header (boot with framebuffer).

The images I've been using were:

Both died on me with a similar screen. I have not copied the exception
register dump, but I can mail a screen photo to someone who needs it
for debug purposes.

The machines hardware seems to be OK to me - passes the PROM tests until it
switches display modes and boots the installed OS (Cyclone - some rastering
software on top of Ixrix, I think). The clock battery is OK, BTW.

I know, this does not necessarily mean that all's OK, so my questions:

Is that a known hardware bug symptom? Should I take out some RAM? Retry on
serial console? Giving up is not an option ;-)

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