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Help with some mips machines


I found the following machines lying idle at our Institute (shocking,
I know!).

	Power Challenge L
	IP21 firmware
	2 R8000 at 90 Mhz
	2 GB disk
	256 MB RAM

	Origin 200 (2 Towers)
	4 R10000 at 180 Mhz
	2 GB disk
	2 x 256 MB RAM

I would like to put some work on these machines *if* they can be
used fruitfully (with some addition of disk capacity perhaps) in
order to build packages for Debian (possibly as part of the build

If so, then I would like to know if someone can tell me where I can
look for hints on getting a Linux kernel to boot on these machines.
The current Debian images do not seem to work (and probably should
not since these are for different firmware versions!). I have tried
to build a kernel for IP27 under qemu but not too hard --- so if that
is a bad approach please let me know!

If these machines cannot be used (are too slow/undependable) for
package building, the please tell me so and I'll let them collect some
more dust. :-(


P.S. Please cc me as I am not subscribed!

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