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Good day and compliment of the season.I deem it vital to contact you for a business proposal based on my position as the accountant General of the bank of Africa Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso .During my QUATTERLY AUDITING/ACCOUNTING ,I discovered in a DOMICILIARY ACCOUNT favouring a foreign customer , the floating sum of US$15,000,000 (fifteen million Us dollars).
During my investigations on the abandoned sum, I discovered the owner as a GERMAN citizen named Mr.ANDREAS SCHRANNER who died in a plane crash with his entire family and subsequently there is no  next of kin to his account .Visit the web-site as posted dated .
Based on  these factual statements, plus the available facts and figures in the bank archive ,we stand on  a vantage point  to putting up a claim on the fund. This providential mission is  hinged on the fact that, it is only a foreigner that can successfully claim this fund since the  late depositor was a foreigner himself.
What you are required to do implicitly is to put up an application to the bank as his nominated next of kin by his extended family in GERMANY which is a workable approach because you will stand by the power of such nomination as his cousin resident in where you are today to claim this fund into your account for both of us.
Any question, information that may Be required by the bank during the process of the reclamation will be forwarded to you on demand as to ensure that this venture is successful. It is highly confidential and risk free by virtue of my position as an insider in the bank.
Finally, I shall give you 30% in respect of your assistance to get transferred this fund  into your account oversea.I will release to you a detailed information covering the abandoned fund on your urgent reply.

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